Trauma Talk on the Table

Trauma Talk on the Table began in September 2020 when PIRCOD hosted it’s annual Need for Partnership Conference –entitled the Intersection of Trauma and Reentry. Since then, PIRCOD has built a platform for open discussion to talk about the assumptions and perceptions pertaining to he returning citizen and their family and to talk about the realities of adjusting to life in and after prison.

The objectives of these discussions

  • To Talk About the Elephant in the Room: Let’s be Transparent
  • Provide guidance on how to navigate reentry. What should the course look like when the returned citizen, their family and the community is engaged.
  • Navigate through emotional aspects of reentry:  the anticipation, the hope, the fear, expectations, disappointment, the stigma, self-discipline, discouragement, anger, hostility, the drama and trauma, and the difficult conversations.

Trauma Talk on the Table Reunification – Truth and Challenge Raw and real discussion about the reunification process and the experiences of the returning citizen, family members and the community. We challenge common assumptions related to life following incarceration. We plan to set the table so we can mitigate the barriers. Trauma Talk attendees are invited to join in the discussion.

Video provided by Terrie M. Williams Expansion.